Renovation of a 50-year-old ceramic façade

Göttingen – For more than 50 years, the façade of the Stadthalle Göttingen consisted of ceramic tiles in various glazes and geometries. In the course of the renovation, m&r Manufaktur GmbH was commissioned with the production of new tiles – and the preparation of existing ones.

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© Swiss Re / Fotografie: Luca Zanier, 2020 / Kunst: Tobias Rehberger, 2020


Corporate art on ceramics

New space for architectural art Zurich, Switzerland – In the Swiss capital of Zurich, an extraordinary architectural artwork emerged. The interior of the clubhouse at the headquarters of the Zurich-based company Swiss Re has been refined with a one of a kind art. Four architectural art installations impress both in shape and colour. Artists of […]

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m&r Manufaktur goes Berlin

Berlin — With an exciting lecture all begins: Uur ceramic presence in Berlin. As a guest at the ELEMENTE materialForum, interested people learned about the scope of individual ceramics in architecture. Our lecture answers the question of how haptics can be controlled and what influence three-dimensionality has on the optical effect.

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Laura Straßer Ceramics


Contemporary ceramics by Laura Straßer

Saarbruecken, Berlin (Germany) – With previously unseen novelties, we are heading for the year 2021. After a long development period, the precious design objects are now available: Contemporary accessories, decorative objects and furniture made of ceramics – manufactured in Germany, designed by Laura Straßer: Laura Straßer Ceramics.

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Bespoke ceramic façade for Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland – The façade at Kapellgasse 4 in Lucerne’s Old Town has been completed. After a project competition and the nomination of the winner, the planning phase started. It is a residential and commercial building at the prominent location Kappelplatz in Lucerne. The jury chose the design by the Zurich Joos & Mathys Architekten […]

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Baukeramik architectura terracotta


Faience tiles, terracotta and architectural ceramics for restoration

Ransbach-Baumbach – The need for restoration of historical buildings is still increasing. And they are also trendy: faience tiles and historical pottery. In the field of monument conservation, it is important to preserve the original character of the architectural monuments. This usually involves the faithful reproduction of very old architectural ceramics. The demands on the […]

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Our ceramic tiles at Ceramic Architectures CA

With the construction project in Poing, m&r Manufaktur was integrated into the digital platform Ceramic Architectures. It is specialized in the collection of buildings in which ceramics are used as the main material. Exciting insights into the details can be found right here. About Ceramic Architectures CA

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ceramic facades


Cult building with 3D ceramic facade

Copenhagen, Denmark – Since 1938 the K.B. Hall has been one of the most important concert halls in Copenhagen. The Beatles played here one of their first concerts in Denmark. After the hall was burned to the ground in 2011, it has now been revived in a contemporary, architecturally sophisticated interpretation. The extraordinary character of the […]

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New ceramics for historical buildings

Churches, museums, theatres and traffic buildings from earlier times appear in new splendour and old grace. The need to restore historic buildings is on the increase. It is a great challenge to preserve the original condition of architectural monuments. In most cases, the restoration is a faithful reproduction of very old ceramics.

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Ceramic facade wall cladding ventilated


Ceramic Façade in Switzerland

Steinhausen, Switzerland – The new building named Dreiklang consists of double glazed ceramic tiles. It’s three-dimensional shape creates a special effect of reflection and colour. The fixing of this ventilated curtain façade system is invisible. Architects: Müller Sigrist Architekten AG, Zurich (CHE) Installation and execution planning: GFT Fassaden AG, St. Gallen (CHE) Fotos: GFT Fassaden AG, St. […]

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