New ceramics for historical buildings

Churches, museums, theatres and traffic buildings from earlier times appear in new splendour and old grace.

The need to restore historic buildings is on the increase. It is a great challenge to preserve the original condition of architectural monuments. In most cases, the restoration is a faithful reproduction of very old ceramics.

The demands on shape and glaze are high. In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to be able to produce individual shapes. In Ransbach-Baumbach you can find that.

old ceramic tiles with special glazing

Restoration of historical ceramic tiles

Restoration and reproduction of old architectural ceramics

m&r Manufaktur for ceramic façades offers the reproduction of historical ceramics. The production process is the same as that of modern 3D façades. We are specialized in the individual production of three-dimensional ceramics. Almost every project is a development that we drive to the perfect result. A team of experts in glaze development, modelling and mould making takes care of the production of the original spare parts.

Winkel glasiert Restauration von Baukeramik

Glazed angle

Replacement parts for facades, walls and floors

For our customers in the clinker and brick façade sector, we manufacture shaped bricks that fit perfectly for the piece-by-piece renovation of entire ceramic façades, walls and floors. Special ceramics, form tiles and the reproduction of old glazes are particularly in demand in the area of listed buildings.


Shaped tile radially curved

Ransbach-Baumbach is thus one of the few manufacturers that can reproduce and produce ceramic elements in large quantities. In contract firing we also glaze biscuit from other manufacturers – on request with the 1 to 1 reproduced glaze of the original. Benefit from our high expertise.

Formteil für die Restauration eines Wasserwerks

shaped brick with imitated glaze

Ceramic printing

As part of the MKW group, we have direct access to our group’s own production of ceramic decals in screen printing and digital printing. We supply decors, images, samples and materials as photorealistic ceramic prints or directly fired onto ceramics, glass and enamel. Further information can be found in the decor section.

Baukeramik Fliese dreidimensionale Form mit Aufkantung

Form tile with marbel decor

Do you have questions about restoration and replicas? We look forward to hearing from you.


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