Ceramic colour – your product becomes a one of a kind

Particularly with facade design you can convince your clients of your creative proficiency. With our ceramic colours facades, interiors and properties with concrete, ceramic and glass can all be designed as wished.

In combination with a 3D-ceramic facade every building acquires a special depth. Concept homes, office buildings or shopping centres in this way manage to get their image to the outside and can with decorated glass also positively influence the mood of the light in the interior of the building. A big topic, particularly in shop building.

Material imitations

Effects & colors


Advantages of ceramic decors
  • Scratch and abrasion proof
  • Light resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weather resistant
    (-100 to +800 degrees, rain,
    cold, wet, sun, frost)
  • Shape retaining
  • Shining colours – for years and years
  • Consistent quality
  • Classy, high quality optics
  • Individual decoration
  • Large areas possible

Ceramic decor to form architectural materials

What it can do and what it consists of

Our decor is based on ceramic colour. The manufacture in ceramic print processes (screen and digital printing) included all components that are necessary for high quality lasting results in the printing on ceramic, glass, concrete and enamel. The ceramic toners developed by ourselves guarantee the top print quality and strong colours.


The design-possibilities with ceramic decor are many


  • Material-Imitations
  • Patterns
  • Photo-realistic images
  • Effects with precious metals, gold, silver, platinum
  • Colour areas

Ceramic colour can do a whole lot more, for it is absolute


  • light resistant
  • weather resistant
  • corrosion resistant
  • scratch, abrasion and impact resistant
  • absolutely resistant to chemical solvents

Ceramic colours make your product unique and the cover material unbelievably hard-wearing.

From issue 1: You can get products in ceramic digital print from issue 1 already and in Format 90 cm x endless.

Your next architectural project should turn out right and attract attention?

Just feel free to be personally consulted by us!