Ceramic facade wall cladding ventilated


Ceramic Façade in Switzerland

Steinhausen, Switzerland – The new building named Dreiklang consists of double glazed ceramic tiles.
It’s three-dimensional shape creates a special effect of reflection and colour. The fixing of this ventilated curtain façade system is invisible.

Architects: Müller Sigrist Architekten AG, Zurich (CHE)
Installation and execution planning: GFT Fassaden AG, St. Gallen (CHE)
Fotos: GFT Fassaden AG, St. Gallen (CHE)
Tile manufacturing: m&r Manufaktur GmbH, Saarbruecken (DEU)

As specialist for architectural ceramics and ceramic façades, m&r Manufaktur GmbH offers an extensive range of products for contemporary building and designing with ceramics. We create surfaces both with individual shapes and decors out of ceramic pigments and glazings. Find out more here.


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