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Services and materials

Achieve superior results with m&r-architectural ceramics or benefit from our contract manufacturing services

m&r Manufaktur GmbH is the only company in the world that offers architectural ceramics and high-definition ceramic decor for any format. Our passion for this industry and material art has forged this

Out of love for the material, a unique manufactory and refinement forge was created. Because we are also familiar with high-resolution ceramic decors.

For architects, planners and builders, we are not only a supplier but also a sparring partner or consultant and implementer for new developments. Just talk to us!

Our manufactory is a combination of three areas.

In architecture, the selection of the right material is of enormous importance: weight, feel, surface behavior – many criteria play a role in function, durability and appearance. And since every building is different, we produce almost exclusively on a project basis. We only produce contemporary architectural designs for a single object. With flat facades, we reproduce the high-quality look of natural stone and make use of the unbeatable, positive properties of stoneware ceramics for the building. We produce surfaces for eternity.

m&r manufactory for architectural ceramics – made in Germany