Manufacturer of architectural ceramics, stove tiles and ceramic decals

m&r Manufaktur is a manufacturer of special architectural ceramics for decorative facades, wall claddings and fireplace ceramics. All business areas are served by the products from our own production. Since this year, the m&r print division has also become part of our company. In this division we produce high-quality ceramic decals for various industries, mainly for fine porcelain liners.

Thereby the project-related production always predominates. Thus, m&r Manufaktur produces ceramic facades based on designs by architects. Wall tiles are produced according to the designs of renowned artists and interior designers. The ceramic furniture and objects follow the designs of artists. In the field of architectural ceramics, historical originals usually provide us with the production specifications. Therefore we are the partner of choice for planners, architects and facade builders as well as designers and artists.

Please contact us now with all queries on and around our materials, and let us advise you on their characteristics, areas of use and on your design wishes.

Our manufacturing processes give architects, designers and artists a clear advantage: they can design unique façade elements or wall tiles and ceramic coverings. Designs that have never before been installed on or in a building.

Current issues

The Manufacture

Here we produce and refine architectural ceramics

Besides our headquarters in Saarbrücken – the NEWKOM Group – our ceramic manufacture in Ransbach-Baumbach is a significant component of m&r Manufaktur. In the midst of the Kannenbäckerland; we manufacture high-quality ceramics – on more than 6.000 m2 of manufacturing area. All ceramic products, such as ceramic façades, 3d façades, special shapes and formats are created by hand.

Besides architectural ceramics we offer our client a wide range of ceramic products:

The second area of our manufacture:
Refinement with ceramic decor

It is just this cornerstone that separates us from our competitors. For we are able to decorate 3D-objects, as well as special formats in stoneware, terracotta, glass or enamel, to burn it in steadily. This is how we bring objects to a unique building envelope.

The possibilities for ceramic decors are manyfold:

  • Metallic-effects
  • Precious metals such as silver, gold or bronze
  • Patterns
  • Photo realistic images and arts

Of special importance: all our products are manufactured in Germany.
Profit from our high quality materials and refinement techniques.

If you would like to see more:

You can see some of our previously realised projects on our reference page.

You are currently working on an architectural project and need some close consultation? Just give us a ring!