Manufacturer of architectural ceramics and ceramic facades

Since many years, m&r Manufaktur has been a trusted source in specialty ceramics for architecture and trade. In partnership with architects and designers, we create unique pieces to elevate spaces. Our wall tiles and ceramic furniture are created according to the designs of renowned artists and interior designers. For industry and trade, we offer contract manufacturing, contract firing and hand decoration. That is why we serve as the trusted source for manufacturers, dealers, planners, architects and façade builders as well as designers and artists.

Our business scrope ranges from our base manufactory line and on request through contract firing so we provide both the manufacture of small quantities as well as the production and delivery of large ceramic façades. Our production line uses historical and trusted methods for the building of all façades, ceramics and tiles. Additionally, in the field of monument preservation and protection, we offer true-to-original reproductions of different ceramics.

Please contact us now with all queries on and around our materials, and let us advise you on their characteristics, areas of use and on your design wishes.

Our manufacturing process offers a clear and competitive advantage — the ability to design unique façades and tiles in every scope from large-scale to custom projects. We rise to the challenge in the face of complex and visually impactful works to bring them to life through our complete design, manufacture and installation process.

Current issues

The m&r manufactory

Here we produce and refine architectural ceramics

In addition to our headquarters in Saarbrücken, the mkw group,

our ceramic production in Ransbach-Baumbach, is an essential part of m&r Manufaktur. In the middle of the Kannenbäckerland, we produce high-quality stoneware ceramics on a production area of more than 6,000 squared-meters. All ceramic products, such as ceramic façades, 3D façades, special ceramics and wall tiles are made by hand.

In addition to architectural ceramics, we offer a wide range of ceramic products:

The second area of our manufactory:

the finishing with ceramic designs

We harness the ability to decorate and permanently burn three-dimensional special formats as well as all flat façade elements made of ceramic, glass or enamel and thus refine these pieces into unique building exteriors.

The possibilities for ceramic decors are versatile:

  • Simple glazes and two-layer glazes
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum
  • Patterns and material imitations such as natural stone façades
  • Murals: façade motifs across several elements from artistic originals or photo-realistic designs

Important: All of our products are manufactured in Germany. This ensures that everything in contact with our production line comes from only high-quality materials through industry-trusted finishing techniques. The end result yields a product of unmatched, superior quality.

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