Slip casting

Architectural ceramics

m&r Manufaktur production manufactures tiles and objects on more than 6,000 square meters by hand.

Our stoneware are a particularly valuable high quality and fine ceramic art which has positive characteristics for architecture. It is ideal for use on curtain wall facing with air space and can be done without structural system specifications. It’s for the most part self-cleaning upper surface contributes to the fact that even after many years it looks as good as on the first day.

Products of Ceramics 

We buy our raw materials for this from the stronghold of ceramics – the Kannenbäckerland in the Westerwald.


Production & Supply

We manufacture cast ceramics in earthenware quality. This is a particularly high quality type of ceramic. It is more precise, flatter and finer than the usual ceramic. We get our raw material for this in the area of 100 km, from the Kannenbäckerland – special glazing and precious metals from all over the world.

Baueramik Nachbildung Oberfläche

Contract firing

As well as ceramic production, we also offer contract firing of your greenware. Our ceramists at the Ransbach-Baumbach site provide these services, glazing and firing of biscuit ware, for you. At the plant, we have kilns of various sizes and specifications at our disposal.

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Contract production

Need a manufacturer for your designs? In our manufactory, we produce shaped parts, vases, design accessories and even stoneware tableware on a contract basis. We process various masses and numerous glazes – always striving to make your product perfect.

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Lohn Dekoration Abziehbilder Manufaktur


We have also transferred our know-how from ceramic screen and digital printing to decoration. We offer all forms of decoration on a contract basis: Hand decoration of ceramic decals as well as automated decoration including special machine construction.

Ceramic Manufacturer Germany

Further Production

For all the ceramic objects we deliver replacements, and individual parts can be finished and exchanged. We can repeat products at any time in their original 1:1 quality – perfect fit and colour accuracy.



Cast ceramic comes from natural raw materials, which can be recycled and used for the new manufacturing process. This protects the environment and reduces residues and waste.



Cast ceramic is very easy to look after. It offers practically no contact surface for water, dust and dirt. On the exterior it for the most part is self-cleaning with the aid of rain, wind and weather conditions. If dirt is bad – for example graffiti, it can be cleaned with chemical cleaners without damage to the upper surface occurring.


Temperature Stability

Our cast ceramic is very fine pored, so water has no chance of getting in. The materials cannot burst or rip and can even stand up against extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.