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Berlin — With an exciting lecture all begins: Uur ceramic presence in Berlin. As a guest at the ELEMENTE materialForum, interested people learned about the scope of individual ceramics in architecture. Our lecture answers the question of how haptics can be controlled and what influence three-dimensionality has on the optical effect.

It is about the design possibilities of geometries and surfaces in conjunction with the environment. Using various examples, surfaces, mounting options and material properties are illuminated by project-specific architectural ceramics. Listen to the lecture in the online exhibition of the ELEMENTE materialForum.

The ELEMENTE materialForum is an independent platform for innovative materials and sustainable technologies in Berlin. Manufacturers and users from architecture, product development and design are networked there. These lecture evenings on the topic of the accompanying exhibitions are the focus of the ELEMENTE materialForum. Architects, engineers, designers and product developers discuss their latest materials, projects and products with manufacturers.

The material library of selected materials in the form of material samples is located in the middle of Kreuzberg. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of these materials (cf. Home elemente-material, October 2021). With this attitude, the m & r Manufactory produces facade ceramics, wall tiles and object ceramics for architecture and interior design. A small selection can be viewed directly in Kreuzberg. For object addresses to our ceramic facades, please feel free to contact us. Our stoneware tiles ORO BIANCO HANDMADE TILES can also be seen exemplarily at Authentic Kitchen in Berlin as well as in our showrooms in the Westerwald and Saarland.

Background information on the event and further lectures

AKUSTIK, VISUALITÄT & HAPTIK – Formen, Farben und Texturen

“Sensitive colouring, material structuring and form design enables a healthy relationship between man and surrounding space by stimulating conscious auditory, tactile and visual perception to a beneficial extent.”


Räume für Ideen – mehr als Akustik
Dorota Magdziak – VANK SP. Z O.O.

Bambus als Fassadenmaterial – die Parkhäuser am Zoo in Leipzig
Sebastian Helm, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA – HPP ARCHITEKTEN GMBH

Dreidimensionale Keramikfassaden nach Architekten-Entwurf
Silvie Guardiola, Dipl.-Bw. – M&R MANUFAKTUR GMBH

Der Haptische Raum

Organisation & Moderation
Selene Raible, Dipl. Ing. (Arch.) Julia Krenz

Karin Zapp

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