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With the construction project in Poing, m&r Manufaktur was integrated into the digital platform Ceramic Architectures. It is specialized in the collection of buildings in which ceramics are used as the main material. Exciting insights into the details can be found right here.

About Ceramic Architectures CA

Ceramic Architectures is managed by the Faculty of Ceramics in Valencia. It belongs to the School of Architecture and is the result of an agreement between the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (ASCER). What all these institutions have in common is that they promote new ways of innovation, development and diffusion of ceramic materials. Large areas of research are concerned, for example, with the link between ceramic material and architecture, as well as the technologies used in the production processes of ceramics.  The findings will be shared on the platform ceramic architectures. The platform is aimed at a very broad target group: technicians, students, architects, researchers – in short: all those who help to ensure that ceramics earn their well-deserved reputation. The exchange about interesting projects from the international field is the focus. Due to its high quality, this now also includes the m&r Manufaktur project in Poing.

The Church Blessed Father Rupert Mayer

The Catholic parish of Poing in Bavaria has a new church. The ceramic roofscape is a real eye-catcher. The custom-made square tiles consist of four levels. Both through the different sizes and the pyramid-like shape, the ceramic façade gets a spatial depth. A total of 2,200 m² of roof and façade tiles were produced.

Design: meck architekten Munich

Substructure and workpiece planning: DR Fassadenbau GmbH

Foto: Felix Löchner I sichtkreis

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