Glass facades

Individually decorated glass facades in large format

We deliver and decorate glass for facades and interiors in particularly large formats; both flat glass and profiled glass. With our ceramic digital print we can also put your own individual motif onto each individual pane. We can even implement special wishes such as decoration with precious metals.


The ceramic colours are safe against weather and you, as an architect, planner or constructor will have no more worries that the colours could fade into the facade.

A further speciality in facade design with ceramic enhanced glass: the manageable translucency positively enhances the light entry and the mood in a room. We are further in a position to work for you covering everything and thus also replace lacquer coating, for example for assembly sight protection or intimate zones on shower separation walls.


Our processes are suitable for all types of pre-stressed glass, such as TVG, ESG or ESG-H. Why not let us advise you right now.

Glass in large format

Profile glass

A characteristic of the profile glass is its U-form, which enables a frame-free glazing of facades. It is particular loved as a working material in industrial and commercial constructions, in facades or as a separating wall within a building, as through its translucency (transparent – light transmitting but not see-through) it optimally illuminates rooms – without them being visible from the outside. On the interior a glass backlight can additionally ensure a comfortable room atmosphere.

Flat glass

Flat glass distinguishes itself by its flat and completely see-through upper surface. This is also the reason why it is the most often used construction gall in architecture. It provides the interior of a construction with light and combines the living room with nature and the outside world. It is mostly used in the areas of facade glazing, totally glass framed plants, in furnishings or shop-building.

You can find some impressions of enamelled glass here. You wish to contact us directly? Then just click here.

Advantages of decorated glass facades

  • Abrasion proof
  • Light resistant
  • Shape retaining
  • Transparent, translucent up to opaque possible
  • Weather proof
  • Silvering and anti-reflection coating possible
  • Large formats
  • Consistent high quality
  • Modern, minimalistic optics
  • Individual decoration from edition 1

All Effects, colours, images, optics and patterns serve as examples. Just approach us with your personal wishes and we shall be happy to advise you.