Ceramic Printed Glass

The renaissance of ceramic decorated glass in architecture

We deliver and decorate ceramic printed glass for facades and interiors in especially large formats. They can be used outdoors as facades and interior as separating walls, kitchen mirrors, doors or shower walls.

Regardless of whether sand blast-optics, colour sheets with photo-realistic motifs – we bring your ideas into realisation. You have the choice hereby whether you want translucent or fully covering. With enamelled glass you profit, just like with other ceramic products from the robust qualities. The colours are UV-stable and burnt in for eternity.

Sample | Images | Material-Imitations

Our process for ceramic glass decoration is suitable for all types of pre-stressed glass: TVG, ESG, ESG-H.

You can find more impressions of decorated glass in architecture here.


Advantages of pre-stressed glass

  • Abrasion-proof
  • Light resistant
  • Shape retaining
  • Manageable transparency
  • Enables light, open rooms and living concepts
  • Silvering and anti-reflection coating possible
  • Consistent quality
  • Modern, minimalistic optics
  • Individual decoration
  • Large formats

All effects, colours, images, optics and patterns serve as examples. Just contact us with your personal wishes, we are pleased to advice you.