Ceramic Facades

Ceramic facades out of 3D-tiles

Transfer your traditional stone facades of brick, clay brick or plates to the third dimension – with slip casting ceramic. The team at m&r Manufaktur GmbH is available to architects, planners and facade constructors in all phases of development as a competent partner.

  • Design of the facade tiles
  • Call for bids on the outer shell
  • Manufacture of the 3D-Facade

We produce ceramic on an area of over 6,000 square meters, by hand. Ceramic production is unique because of the decoration possibilities. With our Ceramic printing techniques we offer the option of putting images and effects on the ceramic tiles – on flat and on three-dimensional shapes.

For further details on production capacities and finishing times for ceramics please contact Manufaktur directly. We look forward to speaking to you.


A new three-dimensional roof for the Museum of Culture in Basle

These tiles for the Museum of Culture in Basle give a good impression of the effects that are possible with ceramics. Singularly unremarkable they develop in their contact with light and this concentrates all their strength. The draft comes from the architects, Herzog & de Meuron in Basle/Proplaning AG. In order to support the new roof a special construction has been built. The special framework functions with a double-layered composite slab as a static unit. It was, so to say, set up on the existing walls like a new attic floor. This is not visible to the visitors – the complex special frameworks perform their service discreetly under the covering. But it is directly hereby that the project shows the strength of the steel construction, for the realisation of complex, light geometric shapes. The project received special recognition in the course of the PriexAcier 2011. The 3D Tiles were produced on behalf of AGROB BUCHTAL.

© zpf Ingenieure

Cult building with new 3D façade

Architects Christensen & Co. have redesigned the K.B. hall in Copenhagen: a combination of large-format 3D ceramic tiles and flat terracotta panels. m&r Manufaktur developed and manufactured the shape elements on behalf of NBK Architectural Terracotta.

© martin schubert

In the third dimension: new church being built in the parish of St. Michael in Poing

At last it’s happening: The Catholic church association in Poing in Bavaria is getting a new house of God. And not just any one! The second church of the parish, in the Upper Bavaria district of Ebersberg, is receiving a coating of 3D-ceramic-tiles. The design came from the offices of meck architekten, Munich. The quadratic tiles consist of four levels. Three of these levels are raised in the form of a pyramid and point upwards in different sizes. This gives the facade special depth and is a sight for the eyes from a long way off already. At the beginning of 2016 we are delivering the first part of the total 2,200 m2 3D-facade. The sub-construction is being carried out by Degen + Rogowski Fassadentechnik. The church should be finished around mid 2017 and offer space for up to 350 people.

A triad of living, shopping and encounters

The design by MÜLLER SIGRIST Architekten in Zurich has been implemented: “One square, two new buildings and three height accents” is the concept for the new centre in Steinhausen, CH. The number 3 also plays a role in the content plan and project name. It’s about triad – triad of living, shopping and encounter. The community hall is clad in a ceramic facade of geometric 3D tiles. They were made of handcrafted ceramics and finished with an effect glaze.

© GFT Fassaden AG

Illuminated 3D-Facade for the senior residence in Laufen, Switzerland

When we think of senior residences we don’t imagine the most pleasant of buildings. A lot of people associate sadness and boredom rather with these words. That is not the case for the senior residence in Laufen, for which we finished a very special 3D-tile. Here one is greeted from early in the morning by a 3D-facade in shining orange – this puts not only the neighbours, but also the residents into a really good mood.

© Ackermann Architekt BSA SIA AG

“Anti-Graffiti” 3D-facade for the U-Bahn Station Frankfurt on the Römer

It was in the course of the new design at the U-Bahn station on the Römer, in Frankfurt am Main, that we produced this 3D-facade. The design of the tiles comes from the Austrian architect’s office of Peter Linser. The project was managed by the architects Schneider and Schumacher. Its one-sided curve form gives a 3D-effect, which lifts the wall in waves and gives it a spatial depth. But it is not only an optical and tactile highlight, its special property is the coating. Here sprayers have no chance! Graffiti can be removed very easily. That does not only prevent back temper, but also promises a glossy optic that will last for a long time.

© Peter Linser and schneider+schumacher

Underground Station Wehrhahnlinie Duesseldorf, Germany

A further project in the area of ceramic facades and U-Bahn design are the stations of the Wehrhahnlinie Dusseldorf. There we have cooperated with our finishing techniques in the implementation of the three model rooms of Ralf Brög.

© NBK/Andreas Lechtape

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