Ransbach-Baumbach – The need for restoration of historical buildings is still increasing. And they are also trendy: faience tiles and historical pottery. In the field of monument conservation, it is important to preserve the original character of the architectural monuments. This usually involves the faithful reproduction of very old architectural ceramics. The demands on the design and the surface are high.

Almost every order is a custom design. We drive this to the perfect result. A team of experts in mass and glaze engineering, modelling and mould making runs the manufacturing process. Ransbach-Baumbach is one of the few manufactories that can reproduce and produce ceramics in large quantities. In contract firing we glaze biscuit ware from other manufacturers – if desired with the 1 to 1 replicated glaze of the original. Benefit from our high-level expertise – even for the smallest quantities!

Restoration and reproduction of architectural ceramics for historic preservation

The m&r manufactory for ceramic facades offers the reproduction of historical ceramics. The production is always carried out using the most suitable forming process. At the beginning a master sample is produced. Whether engobed or glazed shaped stones of red, black or light clay are desired: The ceramics team is specialized in the individual production according to sample or drawing. Also brick and clinker imitations for a restoration true to the original are possible.

Individual replacement for façades, walls and floors

m&r Manufaktur produces shaped tiles tailored precisely to the renewal of entire ceramic facades, walls and floors. Custom ceramics, shaped tiles and the reproduction of old glazes are particularly important in the field of historic restoration. Hexagonal tiles are as possible as diamonds or individual fitting tiles. Furthermore, we handle the reproduction of old terracottas. Sculptural decorative stones and decorative elements are reproduced true to the original ceramics for historic preservation.

For a long time glazes were produced with additives that are no longer used today. Tiles and borders show patterns for which a complete cast is no longer available. Then the historical pattern consists only of fragments. The new ceramic has to fit in. It needs a lot of ceramic knowledge. Knowledge and people who deal intensively with reproduction. In Ransbach-Baumbach there is: The m&r ceramic manufactory. Shaped bricks, clinker bricks, window sills, reveals and other building ceramics are individually produced in small to medium sized series. Custom-made products for the construction and restoration of listed buildings are among the core competences of m&r Manufaktur.

Ceramic printing

As a member of the mkw group, we have direct access to our group’s own production of ceramic decals using screen printing and digital printing. We supply decors, images, patterns and materials as photorealistic ceramic prints or directly fired onto ceramic, glass and enamel. You will find further information in the Decor section.

Ask us for more information! Whether small quantities or larger series …


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