Ceramic Design

From a single cast – special design-projects in cast ceramic

Our area “ceramic-design” is dedicated to a very special artist. Laura Straßer, born in Frankfurt-am-Main founded her office for product design in 2009, with a focus on product and ceramic design. As a specialist in “white gold” she designs and develops porcelain and ceramic products for clients and partners.


In spite of her international clients, Laura Straßer works in close cooperation with local porcelain companies, as it is particularly in communication with these professional men and women in the porcelain sector that the special concepts arise. This makes us all the more proud that we have been able to win her for our “Ceramic-Design” area.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of architectural materials and also support artists with their projects. With more than 100 years of practical experience we know exactly where it’s at with ceramic design. m&r Manufaktur is at your side with the necessary technical knowledge and our innovative techniques – such as the enhancement with ceramic colour. The aim is to create new stuff all the time. Collector’s pieces – such as Laura Straßer is already doing. In the following we show you parts of her collection and their history.


You are a product designer and on the search for the right manufacturing plant? You heart is beating for art and you need advice in the area of ceramics and decoration? We bring your ideas to life and, with our various decoration procedures also get you there.


Ceramic Design Collection by Laura Straßer

No.1 14 % the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction

In the Dresden porcelain collection you can find pieces from the very early Meißner creation age, which by means of casting originated from Chinese originals. Precisely in comparison between the Chinese originals and the Meißner copies a property of porcelain becomes clear, which the copy thus clearly unmasks: Porcelain shrinks in hot glaze baking and this loses in contour, is positively washed soft. Depending on porcelain mass the shrinkage factor is between 13 %–16 %, and thereby something occurs in the oven that is not always foreseeable: the body distorts, and can tear.

Particularly in the case of complicated shapes this can lead to a higher wastage of porcelains. The gleam 14 % demands in its manufacture exactly this characteristic of the porcelain mass. Each porcelain shade is a cast taken from the former larger shade and in itself a cast submission for the next smallest. The replication process is carried out five times, similar to the two Dresdner figures of divinity. Thus the influence is repeated with every cast, that the blazing has on the porcelain body. What has resulted hereby is a very headstrong lustre that is so exciting particularly because the porcelain mass has co-formed the result and the gentle but visible all the same modification from shade to shade is comprehensible.


No.2 Porcelain Butler

Porcelain = fragile? As if: Porcelain Butler shows how stable the white gold is. Porcelain Butler is an elegant side table with a porcelain table top, which can also be used as a tray ≫from the kitchen to the table≪.

Material: porcelain tray | powder coated counter framework | Size: 40 cm high / Ø 50 cm


No.3 Notre Dame

The porcelain lustre at its first presentation at the Paris trade fair ≫Maison et Object≪ got its nickname “Notre Dame” and kept it since then. Notre Dame is formally based on the Concept lustre 14 % and is made from fine hard porcelain in Germany. Notre Dame – lustrous porcelain bells, individually or as a bundle.

Material: Porcelain| Textile cable | Sizes: 33 cm high / 27.5 cm high / 22 cm high

Ceramic Design Collection – von Ribbeck by Laura Straßer

The draft came about in the course of a grant financed stay at the Ceramics Research Center Guldergaard, in Denmark. The bulbs “vom Ribbeck” continue to light up as streamlined porcelain hanging lights. Porcelain is superb for a shade for every lighting material. It makes glaring or unpleasant coloured light soft and pleasant. Von Ribbeck concentrates the light and ensures a pleasant reading light, not only for Theodor Fontane-fans.


Material: Porcelain, textile cable | Size: height 21 cm

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