Sign in ceramic

Ceramic signs: the perfect material for outside signing

Neither weather not light nor hard scratching with hard instruments can have any effect on the sign and motif.

Our signs are, therefore, used in public places and in towns, where graffiti sprayers are active. For even permanent and varnish markers can be removed with active solvents. The print image remains unharmed.

What makes the print so resistant to all influences?

The motif is screen printed or manufactured with a digital printing procedure and durably burnt into the ceramic.

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Reference Museum Schloss Fellenberg in Merzig/Germany

The pillar of the Schloss Fellenberg museum in Merzig consists of a total of six 80 x 200 cm large ceramic plates on which the motif has been burnt in. The special this on this pillar is particularly the luscious red colour, which after years is just as strong and intensively light as on the first day.


No-one needs to fear contamination by graffiti sprayers or the weather. If persistent contamination occurs, the plates can be cleaned with a seam cleaner or solvents, without the quality of the print or the light suffering at all.

Ceramic signs for the city of Saarbruecken/Germany

We are currently manufacturing eight ceramic signs for the city of Saarbrücken, in the framework of several promotion projects of the European Union. These were put along the banks of the Saar in the floor and inform pedestrians of important projects and co-operations in Saarbrücken.


  • High quality
  • Resistant to scratches and abrasion
  • Light resistant
  • Shape retaining
  • Robust
  • Individual shape
  • Consistent quality
  • From a single cast
  • Individual decoration – can be adapted to any environment
  • Weather resistant (frost and heat)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • For the most part self-cleaning

Kingsize | Marble-Imitation | City Saarbrücken

© by kingsize Druck & Werbetechnik, m&r printdivision und ceramitoner

The Details

The shape: Silhouettes-/contour signs | 3D- and curved signs | Tactile signs

Ceramic signs with contours, for example building silhouettes are possible as well as three-dimensional shapes. The scalability of the colour application enables even Braille to be burnt in.

What you need to know about our ceramics

Our cast ceramic is a very exclusive and extremely significant material that is usually built into the upmarket architecture. There they value not only the strong properties but also the three-dimensional shape creation, which permit the complex outer shells. We have also made use of this in the area of ceramic signs.

You want a sign that looks like the skyline of New York? No problem. But not only the presentation of silhouette and contour signs, also its tactile qualities can be widely used; for example as a tactile signage for the reproduction of Braille.

What further advantages do ceramic signs give me?

The ceramic colour additionally protects the upper surface. Your ceramic sign can withstand temperatures from -50 to +100 degrees without problems – perfect for outdoors. Also light and rain, snow and ice take away nothing from the luminosity of the ceramic print. And that over centuries. Guaranteed.

What presentation possibilities do I have with ceramic colour?

Ceramic colour enables lettering and enhancement with precious metals, (gold, silver or bronze), ornamental structures, photo-realistic images, material-replicas – like wood, marble or amber – and a lot more besides.

What types of ceramic signs are there?

Theoretically anything is possible that is wanted. Ceramic is particularly favoured for use, however, in the form of info-signs, desk plates and panorama signs as well as columns in tourist areas and as memorial shields.

Why you can trust us

We have very clear knowledge of our ceramic signs. Each object is finished and decorated by hand – directly on site, as out ceramic production site in the Kannenbäckerland. Start enquiry.

Convince yourself in the following video of the resistance of our ceramic signs: