Outside signage with ceramic

Saarbrücken – m&r Manufaktur with the manufacture of hardwearing and long lasting signs has taken up a new branch of business: Outside Signage – the reaction from the market has been unbelievable. We manufacture individual glass, enamel and ceramic signs for the tourist, maritime and also purely commercial enterprises. The speciality: the motifs are printed with ceramic colour and burnt onto the carrying plates for eternity. Ceramic motifs burnt into their carrying material have many advantages, which makes them perfect for outdoors: they are scratch proof, light resistant, corrosion resistant, heat and frost resistant, do no yellowing, abrasion proof, for the most part self-cleaning and if really dirty, for example because of graffiti, treatable with solvents. The motif hereby remains completely unharmed.

On grounds of our high quality cast ceramic we manufacture not only two dimensional signs for our clients. Ceramic enables contour signs (for example building silhouettes), 3D objects with motifs, panorama panels or monoliths be manufactured, which give information in a special way – also in Braille. With our different ceramic printing processes: screen printing and digital printing there are tactile ways of design for signs, be they warning indicators, information providers, or direction signs with Braille or reliefs. For this mostly ceramic is used. Glass is suitable above all for lit outside advertising. In this we manage the translucency of the motifs according to the instructions of our clients. Business signs, information columns, orientation boards or panorama charts all become architectural objects.

All characteristics regarding the hardwearing feature also apply to enamels. Examples of our Outside Signage can be seen here: PDF

Ceramive you already got ideas in your head for your signing? We are happy to advise you. Here you can find some examples of application.

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