Contract manufacturing and contract production

Supply of fireplace tiles

m&r Manufaktur is a trusted partner for contract manufacturing of ceramics in Germany. We supply leading companies with quality tiles for their ceramic stoves. Raw materials are sourced from deposits in the Westerwald region. Nowadays, customers expect more from their stoves than just that they provide warmth. Design is the main focus when buying. Offer your customers exactly what they are seeking: high-quality tiles made of the finest, light-coloured clays. We adapt the surfaces individually to your sales divisions – from the retail edition to the exclusive offer.

Offer your customers different glazes in matt and glossy with us. We produce to your order – from the model to the finished glazed and fired tile set. Submit an enquiry now!

We supply stove manufacturers with both classic ceramic sets of top tiles and ceramic side panels, as well as decorated trend collections. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to make you a free, no-obligation offer for the contract manufacture of tiles from Westerwald quality ceramics.

Contract manufacturing of architectural ceramics

Industrially producing tile factories and façade manufacturers often need individual fitting pieces. As a manufacturer, we offer these ceramics in contract production. This means that we cater for the specific masses and surface requirements. Our ceramic manufactory is designed for the parallel use of different raw material mixtures. For this purpose, different firing types are offered. Different large gas and electric kilns are available. As a rule, an exact adaptation to the customer’s ceramic production takes place. You can rely on our expertise when outsourcing non-uniform fitting pieces. We are efficient and smoothly handle small batch production: Angles, corners, stair treads and end pieces, finishing strips and borders as well as any individual shapes. On request, we can also supply you with the special parts as pure unfinished goods or biscuit semi-finished products. Make an enquiry now!

We look forward to completing your range – individually tailored to your processes and required quantities. Get in touch!

Hand decoration of porcelain

m&r Manufaktur belongs to a family of companies with almost 40 years of knowledge in the field of ceramic printing. The décors are not only sold worldwide. In the Westerwald factory we process ceramic decals on porcelain. Most of our customers come from the tableware and sanitary ware sectors. They appreciate our vast experience in handling ceramic digital prints and screen-printed designs. With equal experience, we decorate the articles efficiently and flexibly by hand. This is followed by the decor firing, which is individually adapted to the porcelain. Porcelain manufacturers and dealers have access to various firing kilns and curves. Once the process has been coordinated, our clients just need to await the shipping information. The trained ceramists produce different shapes in small quantities and larger batches. We are glad that we can live and offer this ability for hand decoration. There is no greater flexibility.

No matter where you are as a porcelain maker, we reliably assemble all components into the finished product for you: Contact the manufactory

Contract firing of third-party goods

Take advantage of the production possibilities in our factory. In the m&r manufactory you can have contract firing for ceramics or pure contract firing completed in both the gas kiln and the electric kiln. You decide if you need a pure bisque firing or if you have other needs. Our kilns are designed for bisque firing as well as for frost-proof glaze firing or resource-saving decor firing. We also glaze third-party products for our customers, transforming them into the perfect end product in our large chamber kilns. Submit your enquiry now!

Tell us what you have in mind. We will be happy to expand your capacities or absorb peaks: Contact the manufactory