Abziehbild Überformat Decal


Large format digital printed decals

m&r Manufaktur is not only a manufacturer of architectural ceramics. As part of a company group, we are also present on the market as an intermediary for ceramic printing systems and printing services.
As of now, we can offer large-format ceramic digital printed decals to manufacturers of architectural materials. The ceramic transfers we offer are suitable for enamel, lava stone, glass and ceramics. In oversize format, they provide resistant solutions for public space designs, such as underground stations, tourist signposting systems or architectural art projects. Because of the unique printing process, large format digital printed decals are also available in single editions.
Our sister/affiliated company mz Toner Technologies, pioneer in ceramic toner, produces these oversize bespoke ceramic prints as decals.
Learn more about the technical details here or contact us directly.
Ceramic large Format Decals Team
Ph: +49 681 94553344

Link to the technical specifications of large format ceramic decals.

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