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Interior Design: 3D wall tiles

Saarbrücken and Ransbach-Baumbach – The time has come: m&r Manufaktur GmbH now offers three-dimensional wall tiles for interiors. The relief tiles are available from our partner company artecover ceramic & surface SHOP. “It is the logical consequence to bring our know-how and our passion for three-dimensional architectural ceramics into the interiors of buildings” (Silvie Guardiola, m&r Manufaktur). Unlike our facade ceramics, there is a fixed product range here from which our customers can select and order. The glazes range from clean white to beige satin to coloured effect glazes.

Design production – the core business of m&r Manufaktur – is also available to buyers. All formats and surfaces can be found at artecover. For custom-made products, please contact us directly: Contact.

3D tiles for interior use
The times of sparse woodchip walls are over. Not only hotel architects and interior designers are dealing with interior design. Today, many people want to design their private surroundings in a special way.

With our wall tiles it is now possible: Create your own picture. Each series has several tile shapes. All formats can be mixed. You can lay them in wild combinations or arrange them into geometric shapes.

Decide whether you want to create an entire tile wall, a partial surface or a three-dimensional wall object. You will find inspiration in our tile gallery. There we have prepared application examples from all areas:

pub night club

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
Hotel, Restaurant, Lobby, Reception, Entrance area

Manufacture of wall tiles
Share your rooms with compatible materials. Our manufactory processes light stoneware mass from natural raw materials. The production takes place exclusively in Germany. Experienced ceramists are required to manufacture the wall tiles. They are not industrial and mass-produced tiles. Up to the packing our coworkers had these on the average 8 times in the hand.

Pictures and decorations on ceramics
Colors and effects are not enough for you? No problem. If you wish, we can refine your own series with your own designs. From photorealistic pictures up to precious metal samples almost everything is possible on ceramic tiles. Together with the surface specialists, we implement your ideas. It is best to contact us right away: artecover ceramic & surface


Do you have any questions about the article? How to reach our ceramic manufactory:

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