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Custom Tile Design

Ransbach-Baumbach – We are pleased to present the result of an extensive design projekt. As a manufactory for individual 3d wall tiles and facade design, we won a great project for the production of custom design tiles. Four glazes had to be produced in a long development phase. On the one hand, these were to optically support the three-dimensionality of the wall tiles by means of a controlled concentration and transparency of the colour. On the other hand, the colour shades in all their surface properties had to be adapted to all complementary materials of the high-quality furnishing.

Production of the design tiles

The design tiles are manufactured exclusively by hand. For the first models the basis is a drawing of the architect, artist or designer. This is followed by numerous iterations. In these iterations parameters are adjusted such as the tile thickness, the profile of the tile and the finished size. Both the shaping and the glaze are done by hand. Here the experience of our specialists is particularly important. The firing of a glaze often depends on the skill of the ceramist.

Services around the custom-made products

All fitting elements are part of our delivery. After measurement we manufacture all frame pieces, fitting plates and reveals. The colour-matching joint material is also part of the design and can be obtained directly from our tile manufacture. Get your custom design tile now!

Manufacturer Information

You have an idea in mind or would like to equip an upcoming object with custom design tiles? Get in contact with our manufactory. We look forward to realizing your project. Smallest quantities up to large series productions are possible. In addition to our website, you will find further inspiration on the social media sites of Instagram and LinkedIN. The fastest way to contact us directly is by e-mail.

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